About F:ACTS! 

F:ACTS! is focused on risk prone areas that lack resilience to respond to and recover from extreme weather conditions, due to climate change. It runs for 3 years (from 1 January 2010 until 31 December 2012.)

F:ACTS brings together 14 partner organisations from 8 different countries.

Exchange of knowledge between partners sis very important in this project. This happens in workshops during partner meetings and coaching visits between partners. The project also works with 5 pilot projects. These pilots are all areas facing droughts,  floods or forest fires. Partners are looking for solutions for these specific areas, which will serve as examples for areas in Europe facing similar problems. The solutions found will be shared so that they can be implemented all over Europe.

You can read more about F:ACTS! in the F:ACTS! brochure.

Or you can have a look at the F:ACTS! movie.

F:ACTS! is also on Facebook.

How does F:ACTS! work?

At the beginning of the project, an overview was made of how the F:ACTS! partners are already  adapting to climate change hrough territorial strategies.

A major part of F:ACTS! is the exchange of knowledge between partners and the opportunity to learn from the experience from other F:ACTS! partners. In order to do that, various activities are organised:

- study visits and thematic workshops during partner meetings 

- internships

F:ACTS is strongly action oriented, so all learnings and outcomes from exchange activities are used in real pilot projects , which have the direct support of international coaching teams from all partners.

The final results will be shared on a European level.