Coaching visits 

An important part of the F:ACTS project is the exchange of experience and knowledge among the partners in order to find solutions for the problems caused by climate change.

During the implementation of the project and the realization of various activities, the strong and weak parts in each country’s strategies will be identified and best practices and learning need will be specified for each partner. All partners then decide which best practices can help with their learning needs, and, based on that, they can invite another partner for a coaching visit.

The coaching visits serve the purpose of direct knowledge exchange perfectly. During a coaching visit, one partner who has a certain expertise, visits another partners and gives training for a specific need. The coaching visit constitutes an essential tool that serves as a personal training opportunity, addressing the specific area’s needs and characteristics providing methodologies and practices that can lead to solutions and effective plans.

You can find reports from the coaching visits which have already taken place, on the links below:

Province of Limburg (Belgium) to NEA (Greece)- 3-5 May 2011

VLM (Belgium) and DLG (Netherlands) to National Land fund and National land Service (Lithuania) - November 2011

DLG (Netherlands) and VLM (Belgium) to Strophylia (Greece)