Varna meeting 13-16 September 2011 

The F:ACTS! project is half-way, so it is time for some reflections on what has been done so far and what still needs to be done. What have the F:ACTS! partners learnt so far, and what do they still want to achieve? To find that out, a workshop was organised.

All partners with a pilot project were asked to draw a picture of how they see their project by the end of the F:ACTS! project in december 2011, and to make a list of things they still need to do to come to the desired result.

These are the drawings that visualise the desired result of the pilot projects by the end of 2012:

- Varna

- Strofylia

- Vouga

- De Wijers

- Carrio

There was also a brainstorm on the content of the regional handbook, which has to be made by the end of the project in December 2012.