F:ACTS! - Forms for: Adapting to Climate Change through Territorial Strategies!

It is undeniable that climate change causes dramatic weather conditions, causing floods, droughts or forest fires. F:ACTS! works on making vulnerable areas more resilient to deal with and recover from problems caused by climate change. F:ACTS! is a INTERREG IVC project.

F:ACTS! - the final conclusions and results

The F:ACTS! project is coming to an end. The F:ACTS! handbook gathers all the knowledge, experience and good practices, and the results and conclusions were presented during three regional conferences:

Brussels - 29 - 30 November 2012

Budapest, Hungary - 12-15 November 2012

Santiago de Compostela, Spain - 24-25 October



    F:ACTS! final conference: presentations and handbook

    On 29 and 30 November, the F:ACTS! final conference took place in Brussels. During this conference the conclusions, result of the project were presented, as wll as the handbook. Meer...

    book cover

    F:ACTS! Handbook on climate adaptation

    All the knowledge, experiences and good practices that were developed and identified within the F:ACTS! project are now gathered in a Handbook. Meer...

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