Apart from coaching visits, internships are organised as well, as a means of direct knowledge exchange between two partners, on a specific topic. But in this case, the partner that needs to learn something visits the partner that has knowledge to share.

These internships are meant to deepen insights among organizations and staff involved on how the partner organizations are organized themselves and how they function in concrete implementation of climate adaptation.

In the table below, you can find more information on internships that have already taken place, if you click on the link in the subject.




 Hosting organisation

 Visiting organisation


 Subject of internship

January 2011


 Xunta de Galicia and Bantegal (Spain)


 DGADR (Portugal)

 land bank (management)

February 2011


 Xunta de Galicia (Spain)


Ministry of Agriculture, National Land Service, State Land Funce (Lithuania)


 Land bank