Varna - Bulgaria 

The municipality of Varna lies in the North-East of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast.
Varna is a highly urbanized area including the city of Varna, two big seaside resorts and five villages. Varna has almost 335.000 residents, but this number is tripled to almost 1.000.000 during the tourist season in summer. It has some forests, with several protected areas, such as the Golden Sands Natural park.

Problems caused by climate change:

- Heavy rain causes floods in the urban area and overflowing of sewer systems which results in sanitary problems to coastal bathing waters.

- In dry periods there is a shortage of drinking water, which is also used to irrigate and clean the public space.

- Moreover, longer summers, and consequently longer tourist seasons require an adapted policy for water management and bathing water quality.

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 Landslide in Varna caused by heavy rains
Varna                                                  Landslide caused by heavy rains